Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Celtic Rings

This Celtic Rings template is 18" square. It can be used as is,
or can be embellished with feathers, meandering etc. It is
stitched along the long lines with trailing threads across
the end lines. So far it is just experimental.
Any ideas?
Michael and Kay


JudyL said...

That's cool! How do you think up this stuff?

For the first time since getting the Baptist Fans, I'm going to take them off the machine so I can do a panto. I love those fans!

Judy L.

Kay & Michael said...

In the shower.
Glad you are having fun.

SandraC said...

I love the Baptist Fan, as well. I made a sample up quickly so people would see the effect.

This past week I used my crosshatching for the first time...the customer loved it!!!

Now I see that there is the curved crosshatch, hmmmm...with all these fun tools to buy how does one ever pay down their machine???


Catherine said...

Hi Michael,
The Celtic Rings look great. I just got a call from a customer asking for this on a Triple Irish Chain. I was about to play with my oval and circle templates. How small do these go? She thinks her blocks are around 8".

Kay & Michael said...

Please contact me directly.

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