Sunday, June 11, 2006

I often get the question ..

Hi All,
I often get the question, "How hard is it to use the Circle Lord,
or what is the learning curve?". For the most part, it is easy
and I say the learning curve is "Straight up". With the CL you
have so many patterns, the real problem is where to put them.
The answer to this is, imagination and looking at quilting books
and magazines.

I am also asked, if children can use the Circle Lord. What an untapped
labor source!

Below is a letter from Romonia Dinkla, reprinted with her permission.


Hi Michael and Kay,

I am very pleased with my purchase. I should have
done this a couple
of years ago.

I got home from MQS with my new toys and
adjusted the wheels on my
Millennium. I wanted
to play with the Baptist Fan template right

away but was pushed aside by my 11 year old son.
He wanted to quilt
this design on his 4-H project quilt.
I had to help him load the
quilt and line up to begin
and then move the quilt forward for him
but otherwise
he did it himself.

I have been using some part of these new tools on every
quilt I have
done since coming home.

Thanks so much for a great product.

Romonia Dinkla
Casey, IA
APQS Millennium

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