Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Celtic Rings

This Celtic Rings template is 18" square. It can be used as is,
or can be embellished with feathers, meandering etc. It is
stitched along the long lines with trailing threads across
the end lines. So far it is just experimental.
Any ideas?
Michael and Kay

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Chenille using the Circle Lord

Kay and I have done some Chenille using the Circle Lord.
The pictures below show the chenille sun in a horse quilt. Concentric circles were used.

Using the Circle Lord you can make concentric circles, spirals, diagonals,
curved diagonals from the Curved Crosshatch and some of
the Aztec patterns -eg scallops. You could even use the Waves part
of the Zig Zag template by moving it up 1/4 " at a time.

Below is a picture of a test piece by Marcia Stevens using the
Spirals template and diagonal lines

Just some ideas.



Saturday, March 04, 2006

Instructions for Circular Fan

I have known for some time that my instructions for the Circular Fan
were not the best. So, here is another go. In any case, you have to
play with the concept on a practice piece to be able to vary size
and pattern. After some experience, you will be Fan-tastic.

Step 1:
Put the Stepping disk on the Circle Lord Base plate.
Put the 5" sqircle on row 4 so that the outside hole is near the edge of
the stepping disk as in drawing Step 1.

Stitch a semi-circle from the point nearest the center post to just past
the row 4.

Step 2:
Take off the Stepping Disk and put on the 12 inch Sqircle. Sew a circle
that just touches the edge of the semi-circle in step 1.

Step 3:
Replace the Stepping disk and the 5" sqircle to the same postion
as in step 1.
Move the stepping disk 2 steps counter clockwise.
Then stitch a semi-circle from the center to the edge of the first
Move and stitch until the last semi Circle is done.
The last step is to step to the first position and finish the first

Quilt by Marg Dupree with the Circular Fan. Also called a rose pattern

Friday, March 03, 2006

New Curved Crosshatch template is available- Update 8/29/06

Below are pictures of a quilt by Nancy Watson. She did a beautiful
job using the Curved Crosshatch. More on the template is after her

"I loved using the curved crosshatch. I'd NEVER attempt a
curved crosshatch without the use of your template. It would be
impossible to keep the lines consistent. I don't know if there are
any "rules" about crosshatch directions as far as design goes. I just
went ahead and did what I thought looked best. I guess my only
comment is that I realized I had to pay attention to keep all of the
blocks curving in the same directions. My client loved her quilt.
Thanks so much,
Nancy Watson
Classic Quilt Designs"

The new Curved Crosshatch template is 18 inches by 18 inches.
It has concave and convex ends to allow you to change the
angle as well as the direction.

It has 4 main positions. The line separation is 5/8 inch to
allow for the center post. It also has registry holes to do
lines at 5/16 inch separation.

Regular Price: US$149.00 + shipping.


Below is the template mounted on the Circle Lord.

Here are some pictures of 1st time practice pieces by Carol Lyon.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Kermit, our new Green Machine with Circle Lord

This photo shows Kermit with the Circle Lord mounted. I am testing a new Curved
Crosshatch template. This template is now available. the lines are 5/8" apart.
First, I used the Heartz template to make a large heart and then used the
Curved Crosshatch to fill the heart.

This is the first time I used Kermit. the pattern is filled with stitching errors.
Shortly, I will show you the latest model with good stitching.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Circle Lord history

The Circle Lord was first sold at MQS, May 2002. Development began in February when
Kay said she wanted to buy a circle maker for over a CA$1000.00.
I said "Heck, for $1000.00 I can make you one. $10,000.00 and 2 months later, we
had prototypes to show.
We went to MQS. David at Kingsman- gentleman that he is -let us share his booth.
By the time he had set up his own booth, there was not enough room left, so we
squatted on a table in the aisle next to his booth. Thanks to Tom and Marcia Stevens,
we were allow to stay there, and demonstrate the Circle Lord on the table and with a simple video on a 19" tv. Enough brave longarmers were sufficently impressed to order a Circle Lord for delivery 8 weeks later - from Canada - with their credit cards pre-charged. We delivered in 10 weeks with a video and manual.
At this time, all that was available was the Circle Lord Basic+ to make circles and
medallions. The Baptist fan/large circle blade was added later. Before we went to MQS, We applied for a patent which was issued later.

We added the Ovals template, then the Aztec and other mult-pattern templates.
Kay's daughter published two instruction books. With our website and 500 Webshots
pictures, we must have the most documented product in the longarm industry.
Now with this blog, we hope to have a way to bring news, information, and advice
on the Circle Lord.

Introduction to the "Circle Lord News" blog

Welcome to the first edition of the "Circle Lord News" blog. Today we will set up the blog format and introduce the Circle Lord long arm quilting tool to those that do not know of it, and welcome those that do.

We will use this blog to introduce new Circle Lord products. Time to time, We will describe our own design projects and those of other Circle Lord users.

The Circle Lord is a precision design tool used on several Longarm quilting machines. It is basically, a movable clamp that fits over the back table of the machine. Attached to this clamp is a flexible arm attached to a base plate platform for various templates to make complex quilting patterns. For more information go to the Loriclesquilting Index-Price list.

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