Friday, March 03, 2006

New Curved Crosshatch template is available- Update 8/29/06

Below are pictures of a quilt by Nancy Watson. She did a beautiful
job using the Curved Crosshatch. More on the template is after her

"I loved using the curved crosshatch. I'd NEVER attempt a
curved crosshatch without the use of your template. It would be
impossible to keep the lines consistent. I don't know if there are
any "rules" about crosshatch directions as far as design goes. I just
went ahead and did what I thought looked best. I guess my only
comment is that I realized I had to pay attention to keep all of the
blocks curving in the same directions. My client loved her quilt.
Thanks so much,
Nancy Watson
Classic Quilt Designs"

The new Curved Crosshatch template is 18 inches by 18 inches.
It has concave and convex ends to allow you to change the
angle as well as the direction.

It has 4 main positions. The line separation is 5/8 inch to
allow for the center post. It also has registry holes to do
lines at 5/16 inch separation.

Regular Price: US$149.00 + shipping.


Below is the template mounted on the Circle Lord.

Here are some pictures of 1st time practice pieces by Carol Lyon.

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