Monday, November 13, 2006

Ginkgo quilt by Barb Cowan, Australia

Barb Cowan of Australia sent me pictures of her latest Circle Lord work.
She calls it"Ann’s Folded Flowers" a Japanese design. It is about
60 inches by 60 inches.

There was absolutely no marking, certainly minimal measuring, no mathematics and only one stop and start for each medallion. The Circle Lord makes it so easy and quick to create this effect.

Once I worked out the whole quilting design for the quilt the actual quilting was soooo easy and quick. All I did was measure the length of the pattern section on the Gingko template to decide which would fit best between the flowers.

When I finished all the medallions, I grabbed an ordinary Perspex circle template and used it to create the arcs around the folded flowers. This gives the illusion of circles.

Barb C

So, you don't have to use the Circle Lord for everything - just the hard parts.



Sunday, November 05, 2006

Concentric Squares Template


Anita Estes asked for a concentric squares template to do custom work using squares.

This templates is 18" x 18" and makes squares up to 17 inches with a 1/2" separation.

Anita has allowed me to print her comments.


The squares template is perfect. I played around with it a little but had to quit so I can finish a deadline quilt for a customer. I put some pictures on webshots if you would like to see what I did so far. Look at the last pictures of the Circle Lord album. I plan on doing alot more of the picture frame type quilting. Also some freehand designs with the square as the spine.

Anita in Louisville, KY


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