Thursday, March 26, 2009

Classical Clamshell Beauty

Here are two quilts with an Japanese theme. What is better to quilt them with, but
the Japanese Sachiko clamshell pattern. It is a wonderful pattern for lots of styles, and is fast to do.

Maria Hilts, of Guelph, Ontario pieced these quilt to be auction off for an AIDs charity. Maria and our own Kay quilted them.

More on the Circle Lord Clamshell

Jane Ann Munroe working with the Clamshell template

Thursday, March 27, 2008

APQS Lenni Circle Lord

Circle Lord on APQS Lenni

Circle Lord on table of Lenni with 12 inch circle template
Concentric circles 1/16th" apart

The Lenni Circle Lord is similar to the HQ16 CL that has been used since 2005. It fits between the Lenni rails. There is no extra work to do with the table. You have about 14 inches of quilting. This works well with the 12 inch template size. You can center exactly without having to fudge the fabric.

Stylus centered on Aztec Template

When the stylus is in the center post, as above, you an unlock the Red Handled clamp and drag the Circle Lord to the sewing point. If you have the Center Clamp released, you can place your needle exactly on the center point of you patttern. The Center Finder, supplied with the Circle Lord, helps you find the center of most blocks.

Close up of Stylus Set
The stylus is stainless steel with a hard tip. It slides up and down in a nylon bushing.
When you don't want it "in the groove", just lift and turn, and a pin holds it above the the table.

Small Crosshatch template with 1/2" separation.
Almost all the Circle Lord templates will work with the Lenni

Baptist Fan Blade on Stepping disk

You use the Baptist Fan blade to make non-continous Baptist Fan patterns where you have to trail and cut threads. For continous Baptist fans and Clamshell patterns, you use the FanClam tempate as seen below.

FanClam template for midarm machines
Queen size is 2 sections, 90 inches long

Price For Lenni Circle Lord $399.00

For more information call Toll Free 1-866-510-6060
or write to

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gammill Circle Lord Setup

Gammill Classic and Optimum use the same Circle Lord.

Gammill Premier has a shorter Cross bar and longer stylus.
See Deb's setup at:

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Honeycomb-Chicken wire Template

Here is our new Honeycomb template.

The 2 section Queen is 90 inches by 17.75 inches high.
The King is 135 inches long.

This template can be used on Long arm and Mid arm machines.

The size of the nested cell is, 4.3" by 3.75" .
Two rows are 7 inches high.

The cell size of the point-on-point cell is 4" by 3.5".
Two rows are 8 inches high.

The Cells are large for quick, over all, quilting. Time is money.


Queen US $449.00 plus shipping

King US$549.00 plus shipping


Toll free call 866-510-6060

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Circle Lord Cable Template

This template is used to do over-lapping cable patterns and spines for feathers, or other free-hand patterns

(Holes in lower corner are not on production template)

Cable and Rope by Carol Lyon.

Below is a quilt done be Carol Lyon. Carol filled in with freehand Molars,or Nicole Webb's feathers.

In order to get the Cable pattern, you make one pass and then move it 12 inches and do it again.

Below, Carol has used it for a feather border spine. She used the CL Featherz template in the corners.

It comes in two 48 inch sections and one 12 inch section. This gives you 120 inches of template. You can do 108 inches of Cable by shifting the whole template 12 inches.

The template is 6 inch high by 10 ft. long. The pattern is 5 inches high. One line used as a spine is 3 inches high.

Order from

Toll free telephone 866-510-6060


Monday, May 28, 2007

Zig Zag Charity Quilt for Breast Cancer

Below are pictures of a charity quilt pieced by
Gail Brown,of Guelph,Ontario,be raffled for breast
cancer research.

It is a heart ribbon bargello pattern. Kay mounted it
sideways and used the waves of the ZIG ZAG template to stitch hanging ribbons.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Curved Crosshatching by Shelley Carmichael

Here is a quilt by Shelley Carmichael of Dodge City, Kansas.

"I just finished this for one of my favorite customers. When she gave it to me she didn't want the normal background fills (Xhatching, McTav, stippling, ect.) So I racked my brain. And this is what I came up with. I used the circle lord curved crosshatching for all but one and then I used Ranae's Amazing Arc's for that one. Which I thought would look out of place. But my customer loves it

Thanks for looking

You can leave any comments for Shelley, if you wish.

More Curved Crosshatching at:

Thursday, January 11, 2007

New model Circle Lord Clamshell

We have updated our King Clam . You can see on the picture below that you can now do Pumpkin Seed, or Fish borders and a Clam Cable border.
The Clam Cable Border can be varied by moving the template horizontally.
Here are two quilts with an Japanese theme. What is better to quilt them with, but the Japanese Sachiko clamshell pattern. It is a wonderful pattern for lots of styles, and is fast to do.

Maria Hilts, of Guelph, Ontario pieced these quilt to be auction off for an AIDs charity. Maria and our own Kay quilted them.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sampler by Sharon Okimi

The following patterns were quilted by Sharon Okimi
of Smithville, Ontario, Canada.
She used several Circle Lord templates separately and combined.
Some of these designs are found in the Circle Lord booklets,
others were created by Sharon combining 2 or more templates.

Overall view of quilt

Ginkgo pattern

Heartz Tempate

Circle Lord Circles

Aztec combination

Monday, November 13, 2006

Ginkgo quilt by Barb Cowan, Australia

Barb Cowan of Australia sent me pictures of her latest Circle Lord work.
She calls it"Ann’s Folded Flowers" a Japanese design. It is about
60 inches by 60 inches.

There was absolutely no marking, certainly minimal measuring, no mathematics and only one stop and start for each medallion. The Circle Lord makes it so easy and quick to create this effect.

Once I worked out the whole quilting design for the quilt the actual quilting was soooo easy and quick. All I did was measure the length of the pattern section on the Gingko template to decide which would fit best between the flowers.

When I finished all the medallions, I grabbed an ordinary Perspex circle template and used it to create the arcs around the folded flowers. This gives the illusion of circles.

Barb C

So, you don't have to use the Circle Lord for everything - just the hard parts.



Sunday, November 05, 2006

Concentric Squares Template


Anita Estes asked for a concentric squares template to do custom work using squares.

This templates is 18" x 18" and makes squares up to 17 inches with a 1/2" separation.

Anita has allowed me to print her comments.


The squares template is perfect. I played around with it a little but had to quit so I can finish a deadline quilt for a customer. I put some pictures on webshots if you would like to see what I did so far. Look at the last pictures of the Circle Lord album. I plan on doing alot more of the picture frame type quilting. Also some freehand designs with the square as the spine.

Anita in Louisville, KY


or Phone toll free 1-866-510-6060


Friday, September 01, 2006

Circle Lord Rope Template

Rope and Cable by Carol Lyon

The Rope templates has 3 sizes of rope for 3, 4, and 5" borders. It also
has a wiggly line. It comes with a template with several sizes and styles of corner pieces.It is sold in King (3 sections) 103"
and Queen (2 sections) 69".

Pricing and more information can be found on our website:

Phyllis Wright from British Columbia has kindly send me
pictures of her quilting, where she used the Rope Template.
Judy Taylor, of Mayne Island BC, did the piecing.

Here are some pictures of a quilt done by us. The top is pieced by
Elizabeth Hampson.

This is "Really" our Cat. Her family name is "Cat", her middle name is
"Stupid" She got this name when she first wandered into our yard with her
collar wrapped around her leg and did some weird things. She really is smart
and she keeps all the rodents away from our house - except for the parts
that she leaves as proof. Periodically, she goes to this rope hanging down from
the door knob and sits there and chews on it. Kay says she is brushing her teeth.

I just can't live without my Circle Lord. I purchased the new Rope
Border at Innovations and used it on a customer quilt which had batiks
in a sea life theme. The border took me about 2 minutes to do and
came out just perfectly. While the template has some corner motifs, I
chose to create my own for this quilt and made some sand dollars. I
returned the quilt to my customer today and she was just thrilled.
I'm putting some pictures in the November file here on MQP. You might
even be able to see my sea turtles that I freehanded in each block.
As someone who isn't that comfortable with freehand, I was very proud
of this quilt.

Linda Steller
Eugene, OR
APQS Liberty

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