Saturday, March 04, 2006

Instructions for Circular Fan

I have known for some time that my instructions for the Circular Fan
were not the best. So, here is another go. In any case, you have to
play with the concept on a practice piece to be able to vary size
and pattern. After some experience, you will be Fan-tastic.

Step 1:
Put the Stepping disk on the Circle Lord Base plate.
Put the 5" sqircle on row 4 so that the outside hole is near the edge of
the stepping disk as in drawing Step 1.

Stitch a semi-circle from the point nearest the center post to just past
the row 4.

Step 2:
Take off the Stepping Disk and put on the 12 inch Sqircle. Sew a circle
that just touches the edge of the semi-circle in step 1.

Step 3:
Replace the Stepping disk and the 5" sqircle to the same postion
as in step 1.
Move the stepping disk 2 steps counter clockwise.
Then stitch a semi-circle from the center to the edge of the first
Move and stitch until the last semi Circle is done.
The last step is to step to the first position and finish the first

Quilt by Marg Dupree with the Circular Fan. Also called a rose pattern

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