Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Circle Lord history

The Circle Lord was first sold at MQS, May 2002. Development began in February when
Kay said she wanted to buy a circle maker for over a CA$1000.00.
I said "Heck, for $1000.00 I can make you one. $10,000.00 and 2 months later, we
had prototypes to show.
We went to MQS. David at Kingsman- gentleman that he is -let us share his booth.
By the time he had set up his own booth, there was not enough room left, so we
squatted on a table in the aisle next to his booth. Thanks to Tom and Marcia Stevens,
we were allow to stay there, and demonstrate the Circle Lord on the table and with a simple video on a 19" tv. Enough brave longarmers were sufficently impressed to order a Circle Lord for delivery 8 weeks later - from Canada - with their credit cards pre-charged. We delivered in 10 weeks with a video and manual.
At this time, all that was available was the Circle Lord Basic+ to make circles and
medallions. The Baptist fan/large circle blade was added later. Before we went to MQS, We applied for a patent which was issued later.

We added the Ovals template, then the Aztec and other mult-pattern templates.
Kay's daughter published two instruction books. With our website and 500 Webshots
pictures, we must have the most documented product in the longarm industry.
Now with this blog, we hope to have a way to bring news, information, and advice
on the Circle Lord.

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