Thursday, March 27, 2008

APQS Lenni Circle Lord

Circle Lord on APQS Lenni

Circle Lord on table of Lenni with 12 inch circle template
Concentric circles 1/16th" apart

The Lenni Circle Lord is similar to the HQ16 CL that has been used since 2005. It fits between the Lenni rails. There is no extra work to do with the table. You have about 14 inches of quilting. This works well with the 12 inch template size. You can center exactly without having to fudge the fabric.

Stylus centered on Aztec Template

When the stylus is in the center post, as above, you an unlock the Red Handled clamp and drag the Circle Lord to the sewing point. If you have the Center Clamp released, you can place your needle exactly on the center point of you patttern. The Center Finder, supplied with the Circle Lord, helps you find the center of most blocks.

Close up of Stylus Set
The stylus is stainless steel with a hard tip. It slides up and down in a nylon bushing.
When you don't want it "in the groove", just lift and turn, and a pin holds it above the the table.

Small Crosshatch template with 1/2" separation.
Almost all the Circle Lord templates will work with the Lenni

Baptist Fan Blade on Stepping disk

You use the Baptist Fan blade to make non-continous Baptist Fan patterns where you have to trail and cut threads. For continous Baptist fans and Clamshell patterns, you use the FanClam tempate as seen below.

FanClam template for midarm machines
Queen size is 2 sections, 90 inches long

Price For Lenni Circle Lord $399.00

For more information call Toll Free 1-866-510-6060
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