Friday, September 01, 2006

Circle Lord Rope Template

Rope and Cable by Carol Lyon

The Rope templates has 3 sizes of rope for 3, 4, and 5" borders. It also
has a wiggly line. It comes with a template with several sizes and styles of corner pieces.It is sold in King (3 sections) 103"
and Queen (2 sections) 69".

Pricing and more information can be found on our website:

Phyllis Wright from British Columbia has kindly send me
pictures of her quilting, where she used the Rope Template.
Judy Taylor, of Mayne Island BC, did the piecing.

Here are some pictures of a quilt done by us. The top is pieced by
Elizabeth Hampson.

This is "Really" our Cat. Her family name is "Cat", her middle name is
"Stupid" She got this name when she first wandered into our yard with her
collar wrapped around her leg and did some weird things. She really is smart
and she keeps all the rodents away from our house - except for the parts
that she leaves as proof. Periodically, she goes to this rope hanging down from
the door knob and sits there and chews on it. Kay says she is brushing her teeth.

I just can't live without my Circle Lord. I purchased the new Rope
Border at Innovations and used it on a customer quilt which had batiks
in a sea life theme. The border took me about 2 minutes to do and
came out just perfectly. While the template has some corner motifs, I
chose to create my own for this quilt and made some sand dollars. I
returned the quilt to my customer today and she was just thrilled.
I'm putting some pictures in the November file here on MQP. You might
even be able to see my sea turtles that I freehanded in each block.
As someone who isn't that comfortable with freehand, I was very proud
of this quilt.

Linda Steller
Eugene, OR
APQS Liberty

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